Steven Tyler Defends Shower Mishap, Pledges Sobriety

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Steven Tyler passed out and crashed face first in the shower this week, an accident that resulted in a stitch-laden gash over his eye, two dental implants... and chatter that the singer was back on drugs or alcohol.

But this isn't the case, Tyler insists. He called in to The Today Show this morning and spoke to Matt Lauer about the incident.

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"It still bothers me a little," Tyler said of speculation that he's back on the sauce. "But it's something that I have to deal with for the rest of my life."

Tyler said the mishap was a case of food poisoning ("Montezuma's revenge," he called it), explaining: "I was in the shower and I got nauseous and I started to get sick and I just fell on my face. I just passed out and woke up with the water on.

But no amount of plastic surgery can stop Tyler from performing. He took to the stage with Aerosmith last night in Paraguay and told Lauer:

"Short of having my legs taken off, people are going to expect me on stage no matter what. It's all about playing to the people. We rocked out. Not only did I break my face, but we broke a house record, so life is beautiful, Matt."


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