Shayne Lamas: Nude, Pregnant, Still Around

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Shayne Lamas is very pregnant and all KINDS of nude in a set of black and white photos she had taken ... because that is just what you do when you're Shayne Lamas.

The former winner of The Bachelor, who was engaged to Matt Grant for like 12 hours back in the day and is now married to Nik Richie, leaves little to the imagination.

Their baby has yet to be born, but is already a nude photo star.

Shayne Lamas Preggers

Lamas is just weeks away from giving birth to her first child - who will be named Press, regardless of gender - but is already prepping the kid for what's to come.

Yes, that is correct. Press. They're accepting offers to represent Press in any future show business opportunities, if you happen to be interested. Hello? Anyone?

Follow the jump to see Shayne in her child-bearing, naked glory:

Shayne Lamas Nude, PregnantShayne Lamas NakedShayne Lamas Nude

[Photos: TMZ / Peter Baratti]

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Shayne Lamas Biography

Shayne Lamas, Lorenzo Lamas
Shayne Lamas (full name Shayne Dahl Lamas) is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas and sister of former Lindsay Lohan boy toy A.J. Lamas. Shayne... More »
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Shayne Lamas

Shayne Lamas Quotes

It was a fairytale proposal like I’ve always dreamed about. I forgot that there [were] cameras around. In that moment, it was just Matt and I and it was the most amazing moment of my entire life.

Shayne Lamas [on proposal by Matt Grant]

There’s still a lot of growing to do in our relationship. We will not tie the knot until I am mentally and physically prepared as well as Matt.

Shayne Lamas