Publishers to Casey Anthony: Hit the Bricks, Tot Mom!

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Amid reports that NBC is trying to secure a book deal for Casey Anthony in exchange for an interview... not a lot of publishers are showing interest in such a deal.

The biggest names in publishing want nothing to do with "Tot Mom" (copyright Nancy Grace), with one even calling this hypothetical book deal "blood money."

Check out the statements of three prominent publishing houses:

Casey Anthony Partying

“We are 100% not interested. We are NOT NOT NOT interested. Simon & Schuster is not publishing, and has never intended to publish, any book by Casey Anthony, her family, attorneys or any member of her team." - Simon & Schuster

“We are still planning on publishing the prosecutor’s book who was involved in the Casey Anthony case, so we have no plans in releasing a Casey Anthony book. We’re sticking with the prosecutor.” - Harper Collins

"We have no plans on doing a book deal with Casey Anthony." - Penguin

Another publisher that asked not to be named had this to say when asked if they would be interested in such a project: "Hell no ... it's blood money."

Tough break, Case. You could always start a blog.


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