Jersey Shore Season Finale Recap: Ciao, Situation?

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And like that, another season of Jersey Shore is behind us.

With pranks galore, cheating scandals, Mike being KO'd, Deena saying "do sex" a lot and more shots of Snooki's kooka than we care to remember, it's been epic.

The fourth season finale was a bit anticlimactic, however. You can't force insane fights or girl-on-girl maulings, we realize, but not a whole lot went on Thursday.

Most of the episode revolved around Mike whining and claiming he was about to quit the show for good. Did he make good on that? Will he return for Season 5?

As always, we break down all of the top Jersey Shore quotes and moments for you as we the Season 4 finale of the MTV reality smush, THG +/- style!

Jersey Shore Cast Pic in Italy

The season finale opened up with another confrontation about Mike. Ronnie tells The Situation to either apologize for causing drama or GTF outta here. Plus 10.

He even drops the A-bomb (Angelina) on Mike. Ouch! Plus 5.

Sam was totally turned on by that conversation. Lucky for Ron, who got to vent his frustrations against Mike by smushing that so good. Delightful. Plus 3.

Pauly D with the commentary: "Everyone knows it took five minutes for them to get their smush on. No wonder why Sam never smiles." LOL, and Plus 4.

Sammi Giancola and Ronnie Magro really have been so drama free this fall by their standards, which is nice ... but Minus 5 since they broke up this week.

Deena and Snooki get lost on their walk home. We love us some Team Meatball, but let's be real, their combined IQ may not reach triple digits. Minus 6.

"I was getting boob sweat. I was getting kooka sweat. I was getting ass sweat." - Deena. We need to sterilize this website after writing that. Minus 11.

Pauly D and Vinny Snuggle

Pauly D and Vinny are gonna need to get a room in Seaside together, and not just for the usual, roommate reasons. There is gonna be some full-on man snuggling in Season 5 the way this bromance is headed. Plus 7.

"The drunker I get, the uglier the girls get." - Vin. Maybe so, but Pauly is forever. Plus 2.

We're changing our tune. Watching Pauly D goof off at work totally makes the absurd concept of giving these people "jobs" during filming worthwhile. Plus 7.

Sitch told his sis on the phone he's notgoing to Jersey after Italy, which Snooki overheard. Seemed like a pity party ploy from the start. Typical Mike. Minus 8.

The roommates keep their memory alive by hanging a piece of clothing on the laundry line at work. Funny idea, but the second Deena bequeathed her thong, the pizzeria became guilty of myriad health code violations, so Minus 12.

JWoww donated her boob shirt. Plus 4. So little JWoww in this episode/season. Minus 5.

Mike made sure to separate himself as often as possible. Grow up man. Minus 9.


Deena and Snookis discuss how they would bone Michaelangelo's David. Classy. Minus 3.

Snook also learned "the babies with wings" were "real." Is she for real? Minus 6.

Showing that he can be the bigger person (sort of), Sitch makes amends as the night draws to a close. Then the crew went out one last night and Mike flipped on some kid for reasons unknown. Guy's a bit of a loose cannon. Wash.

"Michael's apologies are always bullsh!t to me. It's the same sh!t, different country." - JWoww. Plus 8 for honesty and her use of the roommates' full names.

Shocker! Mike will in fact rejoin the cast for Jersey Shore Season 5! Prepare to see the sleazy pot-stirring creeper in his usual habitat. "I have no problem being the villain," he says. "Say hello to the bad guy!" So he is acting, then? Minus 8.

Either way, Mike's attention-starved antics definitely took a toll on this season. He's entertaining to a point, but dude. Quit trying to hard. Chill. Relax. Minus 12.

At least this much is real: We already know he'll walk off the set in disgust at some point. An early Plus 30 in anticipation of the drama to come this winter ...


Jersey Shore is totally ...

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