Hilary Swank on Weird Chechnyan Birthday Party Appearance: My Bad!

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Hindsight being 20-20, Oscar winner Hilary Swank says she probably should have negged an invite top the birthday party for the President of Chechnya last week.

You know, with the dude being accused of torturing and killing people and stuff.

Swank, Jean Claude Van Damme and others attended a concert in Chechnya for president Ramzan Kadyrov on October 5, to the dismay of human rights groups.

"I deeply regret attending this event. If I had a full understanding of what this event was apparently intended to be, I would never have gone," said Swank.

The actress says at the time she accepted the invitation to the concert, she had no idea the event was intended to honor Ramzan Kadyrov personally.

Swank gave a speech at the event, however, and even wished him a happy birthday. Asked how she knows that, she replied, "I read ... I do my research."

Kadyrov has been accused of torturing and murdering his political rivals, though Kadyrov claims that's all lies, made up by opponents to make him look bad.

Mission accomplished in that case.