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Rush Hour star Chris Tucker hopefully understands the words coming out of his Florida home loan provider’s mouth: His $6 million mansion is being foreclosured on.

The actor owes more than $4.4 million, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Tucker bought the 10,000-SF waterfront home on Lake Apopka, near Orlando, in 2007. Sounds like an awesome crib … if you take away the $11.5 million IRS lien.

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According to government officials, that’s the amount in federal income taxes owed by the 39-year-old, whose monthly Florida mortgage payment is $25,812.50.

There has been no comment on the topic from Tucker, although the star recently canceled at least one of his comedy shows due to “unforeseen circumstances.”

The lesson: Even with Florida home loan rates at record lows, and the housing market ripe for buyers, don’t jump into any financial agreement you can’t afford.