Dina Manzo Refuses to Take Sides

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Teresa Giudice and Caroline Manzo went at it Sunday night, as part of the totally unscripted Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion special.

But Dina Manzo - who quit the show two years ago, but remains pals with Teresa and sisters with Caroline - wants to make one thing clear: she has nothing to do with this feud, writing on her Facebook page yesterday:

"I'm not involved in their drama, I removed myself from all of that a long time ago but somehow still get dragged in."

Caroline Manzo and Dina Manzo

But, hey, will Dina piggyback on it and create some headlines for herself anyway? Of course!

Somehow claiming she had "no idea" of the "discord" between her sibling and Teresa until "very recently," Dina tells Us Weekly she's trying to remain rivalry-free: "I am at a very good place in my life with my foundation, Project Ladybug, helping so many children with cancer and my new show Dina's Party on HGTV."

Dina simply wishes "all of the girls peace and happiness in their lives" and says of her tiff with Caroline: "To quote a favorite saying of mine, 'This too shall pass.'"

Wow. Did she just make that up? Profound stuff.


she refuses to take sides bcuz she knows carolines wrong but thats her sister and y the fuck r all my coments gone wtf?


I think it's sad that all the women are acting the way they are. I would think for them to have things so good in life they could act with a little more dignity. Don't be so quick to judge because its not our job , but our Father above!!


Teresa should be ashamed of hereself, she is the most self centered discusting person I have heard speak in a long time. Unfortunately for Teresa her bankrupcy is public knowledge, and she was going to be charged with bankrupcy fruad for hiding knowledge of her finanace, both she and her husband are disgusting. She should take classes from the other "LADIES" Caroline, Kathy and Melissa on how to speak and behave. I wish Bravo would get rid of her on RHONJ.


What Caroline it's all game airing Teresa's family's laundry. But your's is private wasn't suppose to be brought to anyone's attention. Hurt your parent's --- and your hateful lying zing ' teresa said she didn't want to make up with her brother' I'm sure that so helped Joey and Teresa's heart feel great. You are low life scum


Teresa could not last 1 minute with Caroline Manzo. Teresa is a thug in a cocktail dress.Low life bottom feeder.Dina Manzoshould be ashamed of herself for announcing that she will not take sides.I dont care what happened thats your sister! When you needed her she was always there for you!!It's ashame to think that Dina is thinking of only herself in this situation.Very disappointed in Dina!!


Teresa may be under the impression that she is a star, but she is under the wrong impression. Scissor sharp Caroline can hold her own in an arena with diva wanna be Teresa any day of the week!!


Teresa was discusting to watch, this women is a greedy jealous, beast. Teresa is looking so old and hagard because of all that hate she has. One thing that was hilarious to watch is how she thinks the show is just hers as if no one else can be on the show with out her blessing and everything is a, "joke" when she puts her foot in her mouth but is very defensive if someone says anything about her or her family!


Teresa behaved horribly on the reunion. I know there are 2 sides to the story but she was so defensive & never lets anyone finish their sentences. I got a headache watching. Caroline as always is well spoken.

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