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Chaz Bono had a heck of a run on Dancing With the Stars.

Lasting six weeks in spite of the fact that he really can’t dance very well, Cher’s son showed a lot of courage in the face of adversity and succeeded in being the “different kind of man” he wished he’d had as a role model growing up.

So what’s next for the transgendered star?

Bono’s rep/manager, Howard Bragman, says he took no meetings during DWTS, but is getting together this week to plot out a strategy for the next chapter.

Bragman says he expects plenty of opportunities for Chaz.

Acting, voice-over work, and endorsements will all be on the table, and the longtime advocate of LGBT causes will continue to book speaking engagements.

As for whether he’d be into continuing his dancing career, Bragman claims Chaz Bono is “open to all reasonable discussions.” Hey, if the price is right …