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Barbara Walters is looking to score the interview of the year.

Why else would she have dinner with Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, on Sunday night. Maybe he’s delightful company, but there’s no way that wasn’t the motive.

According to TMZ, Baez, his wife, Walters and actor Frank Langella (they had just gone to see his play) all dined together as she looked to woo his most infamous client.

Barbara Walters Waves
(Getty Images)

They all dined at Orso in Manhattan for Jose’s birthday, and while photographers tried to get details about am asking price for the interview, no one was talking.

According to our sources, Casey Anthony is laying low and isn’t ready to tell her side of the story just yet. But when she does, Babwa is totes trying to call dibs.

Interestingly, when everyone said their goodbyes, Jose went to hug Barbara but was shooed away, with Walters urging him, “No, no, no. Don’t do it.”

She’s shameless, but apparently not that shameless.