Taylor Armstrong Black Eye Photos: A Hoax?!?

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Taylor Armstrong reportedly pocketed $125,000 for selling photos of herself in the hospital, as the result of an alleged beating at the fists of Russell Armstrong, to Entertainment Tonight.

But as shady as that move may be, an attorney for Taylor's late husband has made an even more startling accusation: Ronald Richards says the pictures are a hoax.

Taylor Armstrong Hospital Pic

Richards says Taylor's black eye may be real, but it was NOT caused by his client. Instead, the lawyer cites plastic surgery as a possible basis for the marks.

"If Mr. Armstrong was the cause of those injuries he would have been arrested and prosecuted," Richards tells TMZ, highlighting the fact that Taylor never filed a police report.

However, friends of this Real Housewife scoff at the notion that Taylor conjured up the story. They say she avoided any legal repercussions because she was afraid they'd result in her getting fired by Bravo.

Moreover, one friend claims, the photo above is nothing compared to others that exist - and may get published in Taylor's upcoming book - because those make Rihanna's bludgeoned face "look like child's play."

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