Snooki Weight Loss Pics: Orange Troll Shrinking Before Our Eyes

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Snooki really needs to eat something besides Deena's face.

The Jersey Shore star has shed several dress sizes recently, barely resembling her Season 1 self (save for the orange spray tan and skanky antics, obvi).

Check out these Snooki pictures from 2009 and last week:

Nicole Polizzi Photo
Snooki: Too Skinny

The vertically and intellectually challenged Jersey girl swears by Zantrex-3 Fat Burner (about as healthy as QuickTrim) and has been working out.

She has dropped over 15 pounds from her petite 4’ 9” frame, which has left her looking like a different, though still ridiculously dressed person.

Apparently it's been a well-received change. She Tweeted Tuesday:

“LOL so some girl comes up to me n goes ‘you look like one of those girls from the jersey shows, but you look better.’ Uhm thanks? Lmao,”

What do you think? Does Snooki look better or worse with the extra 15 lbs.?

More importantly, if you're a guy (or Deena), would you ... y'know?!

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