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It was humorous when Chris Farley screamed about it as Matt Foley on Saturday Night Live, but it’s far less funny when it happens to a music legend:

Sly Stone is broke and living in a van.

Sly & The Family Stone - I Want To Take You Higher

The former funk singer, who fronted the group Sly & the Family Stone, opened up to The New York Post over the weekend about how his use of drugs and money mismanagement have led him to a homeless life on the road.

“I like my small camper,” Stone told the newspaper. “I just do not want to return to a fixed home. I cannot stand being in one place. I must keep moving.”

Starting in 1968, Stone’s band released a string of hits such as “Dance to the Music,” followed by “Everyday People,” “Family Affair” and “Stand!”

But Sly’s drug problems worsened in the 1970s, as he chronicles a time in 1974 when he headed out to purchase Christmas presents for his son, but:

“I had about $2,500 to spend. By the time I get [to the store], I had spent it all on drugs. Yes, I did. And when I getting close to little Syl’s house, I thought, ‘Oooh, man. I never should have done that.’ When I saw him, I said, ‘I spent your money up on drugs. I spend it up on dope.'”

He was arrested multiple times in the 1980s on cocaine possession and also spent lavishly on items such as expensive cars. He showed up, out of sorts on stage at the 2006 Grammy Awards and scarcely has been seen since.

Last year, Stone sued his former manager for allegedly stiffing him out of royalty payments. And he wants a chance to revive his music career, saying:

“Please tell everybody, please, to give me a job, play my music. I’m tired of all this sh-t, man… with new energy, it will feel good to step on stage. I see all the guys playing those old songs. Let these guys know, like Lady Gaga, let me come in, just let me come in and pay me if you like it.”