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Sam Poueu has a new challenge in front of him.

The former Biggest Loser contestant, who dropped 126 pounds throughout season nine of this NBC competition, reportedly fell several stories off a building on September 3. As a result, he’s in critical condition at a San Francisco hospital.

The reason for the accident is unclear, but Poueu suffered a pelvic injury, torn ligaments, a punctured lung and a broken leg.

The Biggest Loser Trio

He’s getting better, though, according to Sam’s cousin Koli Palu, another former contestant on the reality show, who provided this update on September 5:

“Sam Poueu has made serious improvement in the last few hours. He has become very responsive to [fiancee] Stephanie Anderson and his Mother, squeezing their hands and kicking his feet. The head trauma has pretty much stabilized. He still has a long way to go but thank you so much for your love and prayers.””