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Mel Gibson’s Jewish film project stems not from an act of contrition but from a genuine appreciation of the central figure and themes, according to sources.

The controversial actor does not feel a need to bridge a gap between himself and Jewish communities, because he doesn’t believe a gap exists or ever has.

Gibson is adamant that he does not hate or discriminate Jews, noting that his attorney, publicist, friends and employees practice the faith. So why the film?

A Hater of Jews
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Mel’s wanted to produce the story of Judah Maccabee, a Biblical Jewish hero, for a decade, as he believes it is an important story of corruption in the church.

Gibson believes Maccabee’s story parallels the modern church in a number of ways, and he thinks the movie will help force change that will benefit all religions.

As for Mel’s insane anti-Semitic rant during his 2006 DUI arrest, Gibson has written two public letters of apology and also met with numerous Jewish leaders.

Beyond that, he has chalked it up to being the ramblings of a drunkard and while he is deeply sorry, those words do not reflect his true beliefs in any way.