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LeBron James’ alleged father, Leicester Bryce Stovell, has been show the door by a judge who shot down the man’s lawsuit against the NBA superstar.

Stovell sued LBJ and his mother Gloria last year, claiming they defamed him, blocked him from making money and tampered with paternity test results.

A judge wasn’t buying this. For myriad reasons.

LeBron James as a Laker
(Getty Images)

The bad news for James? He still has no NBA titles.

All eight claims in Leicester Bryce Stovell’s lawsuit have now been tossed out because of insufficient facts, not to mention that he had “not identified any damages.”

“Apparently Stovell believes that companies are willing to pay him for being the father of LeBron James,” the court said, before ruling it was not the case.

Stovell claims he knocked up Gloria after a one-night stand and says there is “a strong likelihood” he’s LeBron’s biological father. He wants to retake a DNA test.

Don’t hold your breath, dude.