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Casey Anthony may already be America’s most hated person, but the public may see an even more controversial side of the infamous Florida resident. 

A media group is arguing for the release of a jailhouse video of Casey watching TV news reports indicating police found human remains in the woods.

Those remains turned out to be her missing daughter, 2-year-old Caylee.

Parents of Casey Anthony on Dr. Oz

Her reaction – doubled over, hyperventilating, asking for a sedative is striking, however, because the remains had not yet been identified as Caylee.

The tape was sealed by a judge in 2009, after he said it would be too inflammatory and prejudicial to a jury. It was never played at her murder trial.

Now that the trial is over – and Casey Anthony has been acquitted of murder – several media outlets believe the video should become public record.

Judge Belvin Perry is expected to rule on the matter this week.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Anthony – reportedly broke, reviled and alone since her acquittal – is doing “well” in therapy, according to a close source: “She hopes she will someday redeem herself and live a productive life.” Good luck with that.