Big Brother Recap: A Pectacular Performance

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Last week's elimination of Shelly put Rachel in position to wrest control of the house in an HOH competition that featured three people she could easily beat.

Did she step it up, or did Adam, the beacon of Big Brother uselessness, pull off a major upset? Could Kalia win a surprising third week in power this summer?

More importantly, what "celebrity" visits made this installment one of the more absurd in awhile? THG recaps Sunday night's Big Brother episode below ...

Jessie Godderz on Big Brother

Plus 10 because Jeff and Daniele were clearly the best players in the house. You can still see their alliances going to war with each other, weeks later!

Minus 15 because the producers obviously set up this competition for Rachel to win HOH. On her hands and knees covered in clear, sticky goo? Sorry.

Adam didn't do a terrible job, but his winless streak continues, save for the one veto he was allowed to win by BFF/puppet master Jeff. Weak. Minus 4.

Jordan ate some of the real sprinkles "that were left over." Plus 3.

"We're very similar in lots of ways." - Kalia to Rachel. Plus 8 for this not-untrue analysis. Rachel and Kalia have both hidden behind their lead alliance member at times, but also struck with aggressive moves when needed.

Kalia knows she's the target, but doesn't lose sleep over it at least. Plus 7.

Porsche again tries to talk "game" with hilarious results. Minus 5.

Big Brother Shopping Spree

We would love to say that Adam has, somehow, positioned himself adeptly to win this because of his harmless ways. But no, he really is just bad at Big Brother. He will lose, decisively, in the next three competitions and is no threat. Minus 9.

He's a good dude, though, and was rewarded with a visit from Tori Spelling after Rachel (of course) opened Pandora's Box and CBS pulled a bait-and-switch, leaving the HOH stuck in there with Jessie Godderz instead. Ouch. Plus 7.

Does Jessie live in that room? He's doing this every season. Eh, Plus 2.

Fanboy Adam maintained his dignity, mostly, even if he did tell the TMI story of calling his girlfriend "Donna." Minus only 3 because it could've been worse.

For instance, Rachel's driving record is far more embarrassing. Minus 6.

Rachel makes the obvious right decision to nominate Kalia and Porsche, setting up a veto battle where Adam will be the replacement nominee, and safe, if either wins. But if the nominations stay the same, all bets are off. Plus 5.

Would Rachel actually dispatch Jordan via the back door if she could? That's the one person remaining she'd never beat in a jury vote ... Nah. Minus 5.


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