Bad Situation: Jersey Shore Star Parks Ferrari in Handicapped Spot

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Handicapped people do get the best parking spots, this is true.

There's a reason for this, however. It allows those who have difficulty with their mobility to move shorter distances. It's not merely a suggestion.

Somehow Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino missed that memo.

Neck Brace

Yesterday, somewhere in New Jersey, a handicapped gentleman hoping to park close to a local business found himself thwarted ... by Sitch's Ferrari.

The displaced handicapped guy then had to use his cane to navigate the sports car. It was pretty sad ... for the guy, to be sure, but also for Mike's inability to park inside lines. It's really not that hard. Then again, he's really not that smart.

You'd think given Mike's recent experiences with a wall, he'd be a more sympathetic to the handicapped. Check out a video of the alleged offense:

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