Lara Marsden: Identified as Brad Pitt Mystery Woman, Driving Angelina Jolie Nuts

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The "truth" about Brad Pitt’s mystery girl has been revealed.

According to OK! Magazine, anyway. Whatever that's worth.

Her name is Lara Marsden, the tabloid reports, "a sexually provocative Brit" who’s serving as his assistant on the set of World War Z in England and Scotland.

Serving as his assistant - and driving Angelina Jolie bonkers!

Lara Marsden Picture

Who is Lara Marsden? Is that even her in this pic? We aren't sure, to be honest with you. But that's what people are saying. Take it with a boulder of gossipy salt, THGers.

It's no secret that Angelina wears the pants in the relationship, but when it comes to the set of Brad's movies, there's only so much she can do.

If there's a sexually provocative assistant around, her jealousy has no choice but to fester. Cue the obligatory breakup rumors by mid-September.


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