Simon Cowell Speaks on American Idol Boredom, Charity Donation

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Simon Cowell is as honest as they come. Recent case in point: the producer is a huge fan of Pippa Middleton!

He's also about to bring The X Factor from Great Britain to The United States. In the latest issue of GQ, Cowell talks about his excitement over this new show, and how it compares to his attitude over American Idol over the last few seasons.

Simon Cowell in GQ

"I was bored," Cowell tells the magazine of his final years on Idol. "But at the same time I had a deal with Fox, and you've got to do what you've been paid to do."

It wasn't all torture, of course. Says the music mogul:

"The first two or three years on Idol, I had a blast. And then, as it got more and more successful, I didn't want to do it anymore. I just felt I was there being paid to do a role, and after a while that's not very satisfying. So it was hard work the last couple of years. I wanted to do [The X Factor]."

Of course, Simon has raked in millions from all of his endeavor. What does he plan to do with the money? Give it away.

"One of the good things about making money is that you can help other people," he said, adding that when he dies he'll "leave the whole lot to charity... You can enjoy it while you've got it, and then it's gone to good causes afterwards.

Cowell didn't say anything about a rumored engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy, but did tell GQ he does not want children.


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