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Katherine Schwarzenegger, the eldest of Arnold and Maria Shriver’s four kids, opened up about her famous parents’ recent split in Harper’s Bazaar.

She believes that “everything happens for a reason,” however “a lot of the time, it’s hard to understand in the moment why things are happening.”

It hasn’t been easy for the 21-year-old or her siblings.

Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Photo via Getty Images for CinemaCon

Katherine says she considered changing her last name because of the ordeal, given the notoriety it brought even before her dad’s love child scandal.

“I thought of changing it because, especially for dating, it’s impossible. It’s something I deal with every day, and I am hyper-conscious about it.”

Of people bringing up he dad, she jokes, “It’s like, ‘Do you want to date my father, or do you want to date me? Like, I can arrange that for you.'”

She does credit her parents for shielding her and siblings Christina, 19, Patrick, 17 and Christopher, 13, from the spotlight for most of their lives.

Then the love child scandal and separation hit.

“When [the separation] started happening, it was like everything came of nowhere,” Katherine Schwarzenegger said. “Even when I would go out to lunch.”

“Literally, 20 people would come and scream at me. And I’m like, This is all so inappropriate; you’re trying to provoke me to say something crazy!”

The impact of Arnold’s actions on his children may be the cruelest byproduct of his affair. We wish Katherine and her siblings only the best!