Casey Anthony Going Back to College ... Online

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Who the heck knows what Casey Anthony did to pass the time in jail, but now that she's out, she's essentially a prisoner again, stuck in Florida serving probation, unable to go anywhere in public without fear if someone coming at her with a crude shank, or throwing a burlap sack over her head and stuffing her in the back of a van.

In a manner of speaking. Don't get any ideas, Orlando residents.

Crying in Court

Sources say the acquitted murder suspect is going back to college online. While confined to the Sunshine State, she's determined to better herself.

Casey will hit the books from the comfort of her own home, the location of which is top secret. Not that she planned to spend time outside anyway.

Anthony will be watched by a 24-hour security team, reports say.

No word yet on what she'll be studying, or if the security people will also make sure she completes all her homework assignments on time.


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