Ben Flajnik as The Bachelor: Mixed Emotions?

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Ben Flajnik, whose marriage proposal Ashley Hebert turned down on the season finale of The Bachelorette, will be the next Bachelor, sources confirmed yesterday.

With one possible exception (Ames Brown) Ben was the guy most fans seemed to want in the starring role, especially after the final few Bachelorette episodes.

Similar to Chris Lambton a year ago, however, we question whether the show is actually beneath Ben Flajnik. Will it end up tarnishing our opinion of him?

Moreover, will producers actually find 25 women worthy of him?

Ashley Hebert, Ben Flajnik

Much as we're fans of Ben, part of us feels he'd be better off going back to his (admittedly awesome) old life in Sonoma, leaving the contrived nonsense behind.

You know, let the fame whores like Jake Pavelka or Brad Womack to entertain us, while continuing to be the man. We could accept that if it were his decision.

It's not, though, and while we have reservations, it's still way better to genuinely like The Bachelor than not, which will be the case for the first time since Jason.

He the show seriously enough to get upset when he was rejected, but not so much so that he couldn't reflect on it with a sense of clarity and self-awareness.

He cried while discussing his late father, apologized to his mom on TV, and even thanked Ashley for helping him open up. Okay, we're sold. How about you?

Ben Flajnik as The Bachelor: Good choice?

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