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The roller coaster ride that is Weston Cage’s life continues.

Nic’s son made a couple of big announcements Wednesday:

  1. His wife, Nikki Williams, is pregnant with his child!
  2. He’s filing for divorce.
Stormi Webster Speaks!!!

Weston Cage, who has only been married since April, went to his Facebook page to break the news, saying, “Made my choice. getting divorced.”

Their joint domestic violence arrest over the weekend may have factored into his decision somewhat. As for the whole pregnancy thing …

Weston believes the news only backs his claim that he never laid a hand on Nikki before the two were both arrested following the melee.

Cage wrote, “Never hit my wife. why would i start abusing after she was positive after taking a pregnant-c test.” That’s quite the reveal.

Weston then added a cryptic message: “Have fun killing my child Breyan Prescott.” Hopefully he gets the help he needs, and quickly.