So You Think You Can Dance Results: Who's Out? Who's Still In?

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I was expecting that the voting process would shift from the judges to America, but this season Nigel, Mary, and Neil Patrick Harris continued the eliminations.

This is definitely giving a buffer zone to the talented dancers that have fewer fans on So You Think You Can Dance. So who survived to dance another week?

Here's a rundown of last night's results show ...


Two of the top 10 were sent packing last night ...

Group Routine: Broadway (Josh Vergas) - We got another routine that was a bit too Fosse that really didn't work. The girls weren't synchronized and the guys had Jess in the front mugging for the camera. The coupling section was poor and the tricks looked more like time wasters then any form of cool intricate choreography

Results Part 1: Mitchell, Tadd, and Melanie - Mitchell had a lackluster Broadway routine and was obviously part of the bottom four. Mitchell marks his fourth appearance in the bottom, though the first was because of injuries. Melanie managed to overcome some of the stigmas of a slow Viennese Waltz and losing Marko. According to Nigel, Tadd out danced Comfort, this is enough to argue that we need a new hip-hop female. Both Tadd and Melanie were safe.

Results Part 2: Marko, Sasha, Clarice - Marko opened the show with a sexy samba and benefited from having Chelsie Hightower for increased exposure; Marko was also last to perform his solo last night. He was easily safe. Sasha had one of the best Lyrical Hip-Hop routines, topping her last Lyrical Hip-Hop "Coming Home.” As much as Clarice was last and had an explosive Bollywood routine, Neil mentioned that he never connected with her. Clarice was in the bottom and Sasha was safe.

Results Part 3: Jess, Jordan, Ricky, Caitlynn - Jess was criticized for mugging for the camera, and the performance was all about how beautifully Kathryn moved. Ricky had another nightmare routine after following his zombie "Fashion" routine, on the second look; Ricky was very supportive of Allison. Jess was safe and Ricky was in the bottom four. Ricky now was also in his fourth appearance in the bottom showing that both Ricky and Mitchell should be eliminated soon. Caitlynn had the first Argentine Tango of the season and it marvelous to watch. Jordan had a very strong contemporary performance and was fighting. She had the disadvantage of performing second and having her solo in the middle. Jordan was in the bottom and Caitlynn was safe.

Musical Performance: Daniil Simkin (Ballet) - There was something adorkable about the whole routine where it looked almost too easy. The "drunken Frenchman" storyline was easy to grasp and his leaps were insane.


Clarice - The performance lacked a bit of something outside of the "Look at me, I'm pretty." I couldn't stop looking at the bow on her butt, there was no reason for it to be there and it looked like one you would put on a present.

Mitchell -A really cool routine involving a piece of fabric and proved his athleticism. Even though he fell out of his turn a bit, he had the same physicality he always does.

Jordan - Another slow routine which displayed her powerful extensions. The song was one of the most fitting songs as well where the lyrics kept saying "don't you let me go, let me go tonight" almost as a plea to the judges. The judges already emphasized how much they loved her.

Ricky - A performance where he was battling for a win. While the judges don't respond positively on back flips it was great visual for the audience. Ricky and Mitchell are a bit interchangeable so either elimination wouldn't faze me.

Musical Guest: Blush ft. Snoop Dogg - Does Snoop Dogg get paid to just say hello these days? Blush seemed like one of those attempts for an Asian group to succeed. The Wonder Girls tried before, I'm waiting for 2NE1 to hit America first. Someone was off from the backing track and I couldn't get past that.

Good Luck Guys

The final verdict

After the commercial break, Nigel announced that the votes were unanimous, so the background conversation was probably just Neil talking about his involvement with The Smurfs.

Nigel emphasized that contestants have been in the bottom before, including the apparently untouchable Twitch. Have we all forgotten that Twitch lost? The point was that Nigel cut Mitchell and Clarice in one quick swoop.

Did they get it right? Comment below!

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