So You Think You Can Dance Results: Who Made the Top 10?

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Last night, So You Think You Can Dance revealed which 10 contestants will go on the show's nationwide tour this summer, and more significantly, remain in the running in the race to become America's favorite dancer.

So who got the axe and who will perform with the All-Stars next week?

Early on, we're heavily reminded that SYTYCD is now Emmy Nominated for Best Reality Competition and Reality Competition Host. Cat Deeley deserved the nomination and bashfully accepted the applause from the audience.

Nilsa Prowant Spring Break

Group Dance - Paso Doble (Kelly Abbey): Jordan was the lead woman in the large skirt in the beginning with the guys creating flowing shapes of her skirt. The rest of the girls arrived with a synchronized fan routine.

The guys had a strong power tricks and their choreography was actually close, now with Chris gone. The group pose in the middle was a great fake out and the tempo increase was a great way of ending the routine.

Eliminations, Part I: The eliminations began with Caitlynn & Mitchell and Clarice & Jess; the two couples had one strong routine each and one that fell short.

Clarice & Jess had a great lyrical hip-hop, but a jive with some mixed reviews. Caitlynn & Mitchell had a weak hip-hop routine but with a fiery jazz routine.

Clarice & Jess were safe, benefiting from a lively final performance. Caitlynn & Mitchell were the first couple in the bottom three; while they were in the bottom in week three; performing after Melanie & Marko hurt them the most.

Melanie & Marko and Ryan & Ricky were next for eliminations. Melanie & Marko had a great night of performances and have never been in the bottom three.

As for Ryan & Ricky, their Broadway routine was lackluster. As much as Ricky tried his best to save the Cha-Cha, Ryan continued to bring them down.

Melanie & Marko were safe and Ryan & Ricky were in the bottom. It's still baffling to think that Ryan is still on the show after her awful solo back in week two.

The final couples, Jordan & Tadd and Sasha & Alexander, were under the lights. Jordan & Tadd had a very interesting Contemporary routine, but their Broadway routine left the judges wishing they brought more character.

Sasha & Alexander had two very strong routines. Their Paso was one of the most fired performances and their Jazz routine had life. Jordan and Tadd were magically announced safe, I'm under the assumption that people thought that Sahsa & Alexander were safe and decided to throw their votes to Jordan & Tadd.

Guest Performance: Anybody Can Get It (Jason Samuels Smith): It's disappointing to see that the tap dancers never got too far on SYTYCD when the performance was a great combination of light rap and rhythms.

Former contestant Melinda, dancing in the green shoes, was just one example. Maybe tap routines work better when it's in a group. Their final pose was wobbly, but the whole routine was fun to watch.


Caitlynn's sexy routine differentiates from Jordan's since Caitlynn depends less on extensions and more on the "come hither" movements. The routine skewed a bit generic. Seeing that Jordan has already survived, Caitlynn is expendable.

Mitchell continues to understand what he has to bring in a solo putting in as much content power and grace in his routine again. He technically choreographed a routine that ended early, which game him a moment to prep his final pose. Unitards are odd, but the judges aren't grading him on his fashion sense.

Ryan's routine tried to have some emotional pull. She did the best to choreograph to the music. The dance itself had a few hip-hop elements to it and if she had more time, she should have attempted gliding across the floor.

Ricky has the extensions and his spin sequence was on point. He wasted too much time between his exquisite jumping sequences, but probably needed time to breathe. Without Ryan around, Ricky looked a thousand times better.

Sasha finally got to show her style on the show and it has a spirit that is totally different from the other girls. The problem was that you could still see her sister dancing right next to her in the routine. The dance needed that second person to make sense, but her edgier dancing style should be enough to keep her around.

Alexander has been in Sasha's shadow for a while so he finally got a time to shine doing ballet. He must have been nervous because he was wobbly throughout the whole routine, but noticeably off during his final turn sequence.

Guest Musician - Nicole Scherzinger: Nicole performed her first solo venture back in Season Three when she did "Whatever U Like" and this time around, she's all business now that she's backed by Simon Cowell. The best aspect of Nicole is that she brought dance into a performance show that was all about dance. Sure, it was mostly gyrations and hair whips, but once upon a time SYTYCD had "Pop" and "Pop-Jazz" as dance genres.

Eliminations, Part II: Nigel announced that the girls' elimination was unanimous. Caitlynn had a strong solo but a mixed body of work. Ryan was lackluster last night and her solo was bland; they called her out for looking like she was eliminated. According to the judges Sasha had a boring solo; but they still loved her. Ryan was justly eliminated.

As for the guys, the judges weren't unanimous, claiming that the vote was 3-1. Mitchell had a strong solo, but his work was not phenomenal. Ricky had one of the best dance for your life routines. Alexander finally found himself, but his solo was technically off. Alexander was eliminated. Apparently, Sasha was protecting Alexander throughout the voting process.

What do you think? Are you happy with the Top 10?

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