So You Think You Can Dance Results: Farewell To...?

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We're down to 14 on So You Think You Can Dance. Let's review how we arrived at that number last night...

Group Dance - Broadway (Michael Rooney): The geek in me loved that the tune was from The Incredibles. The choreography looked a bit chaotic because of how many dancers there were; several weren’t synchronized. This was the most obvious with the flips and the leaps, but even one arm in the wrong place sticks out. I did like the group assist slow turn at the end; we’ll probably see a dance crew try that in the future.

Caitlynn Lawson and Ricky Jaime

Eliminations - The first three couples were up, with Melanie/Marko safe, kisses and all. Ashley/Chris were in the bottom mostly because their piece had a disconnect with the audience. It wasn't anything about their technique because they were spot on. Finally, Ryan/Ricky were safe, thus proving that dances from the heart are successful.

In the second set of couples, Jordan/Tadd were benefitted from a fun routine combined with the fact that they were the last to perform. Sasha/Alexander were safe because Sasha has a large pre-competition fanbase and a strong routine. Miranda/Robert were in the bottom three because Robert was holding back the couple each week.

Of the final set of dancers, Clarice/Jess were the last couple safe. Caitlynn/Mitchell were in the bottom three. I was actually a fan of the Samba over the Foxtrot, but it was probably a fact that they were second to perform and were forgotten after all the lovey routines that followed.

Guest Performance - AXIS Dance Company: It was really cool watching the routine because of how well they incorporated the disabilities as strengths. Even just the simple movements of standing on the wheel of the wheelchair was amazing and the final pose was really innovative.

Ashley had powerful extensions and her leaps were solid. She had a nice natural performance where she didn't fall out of place. Although the dance and music were like summer sunshine, the routine was a bit sleepy. The dance didn't scream that Ashley was fighting for her life.

Chris' solo was very ground heavy in the beginning, but he showed power in his flips and air kicks. I thought his routine had a good amount of arm and leg movements and he proved that he could choreograph himself decently.

Miranda was smart to fill her solo with more content than Ashley, placing any opportunity to have extensions and pirouettes in every second possible. There was nothing bad, but she looked like every contemporary dancer.

Robert was already spinning before the music started and his routine definitely had more content than the last time in the bottom three, but I still thought that he was abusing his inner Michael Jackson instead of having something more original.

Caitlynn started with a really cool pirouette sequence, but in her second spin she almost fell out as immediately as she started. That showed some nerves and enough reasoning for me to eliminate her.

We've seen Mitchell in the bottom before and I think his solos are what keeps him around. He has a lot of air in his leaps, extension in his legs and power in his movements.

Guest Performance - Georgia Ambarian and Eric Luna: When Ballroom is done well, it's amazing to watch. The beginning lift was insane. Eric just lifted Georgia over his head like she was a pillow. There were so many interesting lift sequences that looked effortless during the routine. Then they started picking up speed and Eric was spinning Georgia on his head. All I have to say is I hope that Georgia was wearing protective panties or her va-jay-jay would be painin' after that routine.

For the eliminations, Nigel pointed out how he loved all three girls and they were not unanimous in their decision. Without even talking to Ashley and Caitlynn, Nigel called out Miranda. She was referred to as the most improved... and was sent home in the same breath. Thanks, Nigel.

As for the guys, they were unanimous for the elimination. They called Mitchell out for not connecting with the public. Chris had the passion and was doing a good job; he was warned to grow faster. Robert had the personality, but it wasn't enough to keep him around. He ended his time with a final woo.

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