Justin Bieber Text Message: Be Responsible!

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Justin Bieber gets it. There's a major temptation to text while driving.

But this 17-year old has a simple message in the following video: resist. For your own safety and for the safety of those around you, do not do it.

"There are too many lives lost to such a preventable issue like texting and driving," Bieber told E! News at a campaign for Drive Safe, a free app that actually makes it impossible for a smartphone keyboard to work inside a vehicle going above 10 miles/hour.

It's all about "texting responsibly," Bieber adds, saying he was inspired to get involved in this project due to the Alex Brown Foundation, a charity named after a teenager who died while driving/typing.

"Working together with the [foundation], we hope to help teach teens and parents about the major risks involved with texting and driving so they don't suffer the same loss," Justin says.

You have to admire how Bieber gets involved in causes, don't you? Last year, he joined the celebrity parade as someone who urged bullied students: It gets better.


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