Bachelor Pad to Treat/Subject Viewers to Three-Hour Premiere

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Bachelor Pad. It's just too awesome to limit to an hour. Or two.

ABC has somehow decided that the second-season premiere of The Bachelor and Bachelortte competition spinoff will air from 8-11 p.m. August 8.

Yes, they’re devoting three hours to the show. “It’s like the Schindler’s List of The Bachelor franchise,” jokes an insider of the extra-long premiere.

Similar to our stance on Vienna, we're not gonna touch that one.

Gia Allemand on Bachelor Pad

Gia Allemand will be back for a second stint in the Pad.

The show, which pits former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars against each other in a competition for $250,000, can thank Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi for their utter hatred of each other and unwillingness to relent in their quest for fame.

The pair got engaged on the finale of The Bachelor, only to flame out in epic fashion and give a must-see break-up interview a few months later.

Girardi is now dating another Pad resident, Kasey Kahl, which should only contribute to the drama at the famed L.A. mansion this summer.

Follow the link for shots of the Bachelor Pad Season 2 cast!

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