Bachelor Pad Season 2 Cast Pics: Welcome to the Douchepocalypse!

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Bachelor Pad. Perhaps the best and worst show (simultaneously) in the history of reality TV, the ABC competition and STD-fest returns August 8.

The Bachelor and Bachelorette spinoff pits castoffs from one or the other (or both, in the case of Jake Pavelka) in a house where they hook up.

They also compete for a cash prize by doing ridiculous things.

Shirtless Jake Pavelka
Vienna Girardi Bikini Photo

These two have great bodies. Sadly, they will eventually open their mouths.

Some of Season 2's best drama will likely come from Jake and Vienna Girardi, Bachelor winner and his fiancee of approximately 49 minutes. She's now dating Kasey Kahl, meaning he will have to guard and protect that a$$.

Two new additions from the current season of The Bachelorette - Blake Julian and William Holman - join a bunch of (possibly) familiar faces.

Gia Allemand is back for a second round, while recent villains "Rated R" and Michelle Money should shake things up along with the randoms.

Awkward. Here's a look at the cast of Z-list hotties ...

Kasey Kahl Photo
Gia on Bachelor Pad
Rated R (Justin Rego)
Jackie on Bachelor Pad
Blake Julian Pic
The Michelle Money Shot
Michael Stagliano Pic
Graham Bunn Photo
Michelle Money Shot
Ella Nolan Pic
Holly Durst Action
Alli Travis Pic
Vienna Girardi Bikini Picture
Gia Allemand on Bachelor Pad
Vienna on Bachelor Pad
Jake on Bachelor Pad
Will Holman Picture
Justin Rego (Rated R)
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