Arnold Schwarzenegger Won't Pay Spousal Support to Maria Shriver

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Arnold Schwarzenegger has responded to Maria Shriver's divorce filing and the actor says that he will not pay spousal support, as she requested.

Arnold's lawyer, Bob Kaufman, checked the box on legal documents asking the judge to terminate Maria's right to receive any spousal support. 

Like Maria, Arnold seeks joint custody of their two minor children.

Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger

The other conflict between the two concerns legal fees. Maria is asking Arnold to pay for hers. Arnold's response asks that she pay her own way.

As there is no prenup, under California law, Arnold and Maria can claim a 50/50 split of all earnings and assets accumulated during their marriage.

The two are estimated to be worth around $400 million.

As it stands right now, Arnold will get the very expensive family home, while Maria will probably end up with at least as much if not more cash.

Spousal support may become a non-issue, given her wealth, and that Arnold - who was just cast in Last Stand - isn't earning real money now.

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