X-Men First Class Movie Reviews: Wildly Enthusiastic!

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Unsure what to do with the first weekend in June? Afraid X-Men: First Class won't live up to the quality of this franchise?

Critics across the nation are here to put your mind at ease. Check out the official trailer for this blockbuster and then consider the raves for it below.

X Men: First Class Cast

It's remarkable how many things "First Class" gets right, whether it's the decision to have characters speak different languages as the film's frequent globe-trotting dictates, or the casting of Fassbender and McAvoy. - Variety

Bears more in common with 'The Spy Who Loved Me' than any of the previous 'X-Men' installments, or any other comic book flicks, for that matter, and is all the better because of it. - Hollywood dot com

With its early-1960s Cold-War setting, megalomaniac villain and lissome babes in mini-skirts, X-Men: First Class could, in places, pass for a Connery-era 007 spy thriller. - Movie Talk

It turns out even cash cows can moo intelligently. - Toronto Star

Will you be seeing X-Men: First Class?

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