Should The Bachelorette Producers Have Warned Ashley Hebert?

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Yes, it's a reality show - one renowned for its mind games no less - and by going on it, Ashley Hebert opened herself up to scenarios beyond her control.

But still, we've never seen anything quite like this week's episode.

Knowing what they did, should The Bachelorette have pulled the plug on Bentley Williams before he was allowed to stab Ashley in the heart?

Ashley The Bachelorette

There are plenty of people who go on the show for the wrong reasons, and plenty of cases where people are edited in ways that craft a more compelling story.

Bentley Williams was in a class by himself, though.

Over the course of three episodes, he made his antipathy toward Ashley abundantly clear and left no ambiguity about the situations he was discussing.

The burning question is this: Because he was making disparaging comments about Ashley - and revealing his intention to toy with the poor girl - directly to ABC's cameras, should the show have kicked him off right there?

Moreover, why is he allowed to return after this display?!

"I'm catching heat and the producers are catching heat," says host Chris Harrison. "But the only way we could tell her about [Bentley Williams] would be to completely affect her journey. What line do we not want to cross?"

"Then it really opens up Pandora's box. Where does it stop? Do I tell her a snide comment J.P. just made or 'I heard William said something about you.'"?

"Why would she even date these guys when she could just go to the producers and watch the tapes. It undermines everything about the show. I know it's a sketchy gray area, but that's the line we've drawn and we've stuck to it."

That's not a terrible argument, but it's not helped by the fact that Bentley, having deceived Ashley Hebert and the show itself, will be BACK this season.

"It's not the last we see of him," Chris says. "Last night you saw that things weren't resolved and there wasn't closure. She will definitely want closure."

And ABC will definitely want ratings. Why are we surprised?

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