Shark Jumping: Spinner Turns Tables, Hurtles Self Over Surfer

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Perhaps fed up by repeated references to bands and TV shows jumping his kind, this four-foot spinner shark decided it was time for some aerial acrobatics.

In a video amazingly captured by Orlando Sentinel photographer Jacob Langston, the giant fish can be seen showcasing serious vertical leap and hang time.

It happened in the blink of an eye, but pay attention and you'll clearly see it clear a stunned New Smyrna Beach surfer just off the coast of Florida:

As unreal as this clip is, it's a fairly common occurrence, and spinners, whose teeth are made for munching small fish, don't attack people.

When this occurred, a nearby surfer exclaimed, "Dude! Did you see that?" Langston actually didn't at that very instant, but his camera did.

Awesome on its own merit, and for the joke potential. This is the most blatant shark jumping since Denny came back as a ghost on Grey's Anatomy.

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