Patti Stanger: Jennifer Aniston "Not a Good Picker"

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Jennifer Aniston's relationship with Justin Theroux is generating a lot of attention. The Millionaire Matchmaker, Patii Stanger, is the latest to chime in.

Not in the most glowing fashion, either.

"I like him for her. I think he’s a good fit for her," she told TooFab of Aniston's new man, but she has concerns over the whole Heidi Bivens situation.

"How you get a guy is how you lose a guy," she said, referring to Theroux's 14-year relationship with his ex, and Jen allegedly pulling an Angelina.

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"He was like, 'Bye! You were my training wheels. Now I'm going off to get my real Schwinn.' I mean what IS that? She's not a great picker, really."

"She had John Mayer. C'mon, let's be serious."

Hard to argue with her regarding that douche.

As for reports of Aniston and Theroux moving in together, the Bravo star says, "That's too soon. That's way too 'I wanna marry you' creepy."

"And she needs to think long and hard about that. She makes way more money, there better be a pre-nup. He needs to court her first."


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