LeBron James Clarifies Postgame Remarks, Sounds Less Like a Jerk

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LeBron James was in for a long postseason before he stepped to the microphone for a postgame press conference, following his team's NBA Finals elimination at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks Sunday night.

The supposedly best player in basketball had been reduced to a passive spectator during the series, averaging nine points fewer per game than he did during the regular season.

Asked about the celebratory reaction of his critics to such poor play, James gave an answer that sounded like he was looking down on all basketball fans.

Ill-Fated Pep Rally Pic

But James said today that he was misunderstood.

"I was saying at the end of the day this season is over and - with all hatred - everyone else has to move on with their lives, good or bad. I do, too.

"It wasn't saying I'm superior or better than anyone else, any man or woman on this planet, I'm not," said the underachieving star. "I would never every look at myself bigger than anyone who watched our game. It may have come off wrong but that wasn't my intent."

We'll buy that. But we're still psyched the arrogant Heat lost to the Mavs. How about you?

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