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In the face of mounting evidence – including an investigation of his Twitter platform and the discovery of another inappropriate photo – New York Congressman Anthony Weiner held a press conference today and admitted:

I lied. I did send lewd photos to multiple women online.

The scandal first erupted at the end of May, as a picture of Weiner’s covered crotch was found online, purported to be Tweeted to a 21-year old follower. Weiner immediately hired a lawyer, but also gave interviews in which he blamed the incident on a “prank.”

But that defense became more untenable in the following days, resulting in today’s admission.

During the press conference, Weiner said:

  • He never met any of the women in question. He’s exchanged sexually explicit photos with “at least six women.”
  • He dodged a question about whether or not he had “phone sex” with them and simply said they were adults and all actions were “consensual.”
  • He told his wife the truth this morning and she was “very disappointed.” She also said she loved him and wanted the couple to “pull through.”
  • He never asked anyone to lie or orchestrated any kind of cover-up. His staff was unaware of his actions.
  • He labeled his actions “a personal failure” and said “I did a regrettable thing and for that I apologize.”
  • He will not resign.

You can watch the press conference below:

Anthony Weiner Press Conference - I Lied..

    We’ll have more on this story as news breaks. For now, you tell us: Should Weiner resign?