The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: The Mask Has Two Faces ...

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It's just Jill. It's just Ramona. It's just the housewives at their bitchy best.

At the launch party for her new wine, Ramona can't stop screeching at Jill. Jill walking away does nothing to halt her tirade. Ramona can't seem to stop herself.

Perhaps she needs to drink a little more of her own wine or more than likely, she's had way to much of it. 

Ramona Singer: Crazy Eyes!

Earlier, Ramona has a photo shoot. She feels her picture needs to grace the cover of her products. I'm shocked.

Ramona playing model is always downright frightening. Her "sexy eyes" are just plain creepy. Then an assistant tells her she looks like a young Pamela Anderson.

Wow. How much money do you have to pay to get that much sucking up.

Ramona appears more drunk with every scene and a wine glass is never far from her hand. 

When Luann corners her to ask pertinent questions about where and how her wine is made, Ramona just stares dumbly back at her. Ramona doesn't care about the details. She just wants to drink her wine and put her name on the label.

I'm surprised she doesn't have her face etched on their too. Considering the amount she consumes, it looks like she'll keep herself in business for a long time.

Cindy says that everyone seems to resign themselves to accepting Ramona for who she is. "What, a psychopath?" There's certainly no love lost there after last week's disastrous luncheon.

Cindy and Jill find the time to hang out. Jill admires the kids while Cindy laments over her loss of sleep. Apparently the nannies make too much noise when they get up with the kids at night. Nice life.

Dr. Jill Zarin

But nothing could beat Sonja. She bemoans her financial hardships while a woman does her makeup and her stylist enters the room. Not to mention her man servant who gets her tea but she doesn't pay him.

He's a friend's son whom she allows to live with her to work on his English while he waits on Sonja hand and foot.

Sonja's gala masquerade ball was more of a tiny cocktail party set in a vault. Jill not only calls the party "unimportant" but also tells Alex about the bruise on Sonja's ass.

How does she know about that? Well, Sonja somehow forgot the panties for her much too short costume. When she bent over she gave her party guests a show I'm sure they'll want to forget.

"I feel like an idiot." Sonja cries. Well honey, if the description fits… Maybe she had a little too much of Ramona's wine.

There should be a warning label on that stuff that consuming it causes stupidity. These ladies certainly don't need the help.

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