The Bachelorette Recap: What Happens in Vegas ...

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After last week's Bachelorette season premiere, the stakes were even higher this week as Ashley Hebert cut her field of suitors down to 15 from 18.

Did she thrive in her element? How did she handle the pressure of the first one-on-one dates?  Is she even cuter than we thought? Who got the chop?

Follow this link for The Bachelorette spoilers that we know so far. Then continue on for THG's patented +/- Bachelorette season premiere recap!

Phantom Ashley

ASHLEY UNMASKED: It's time to get to know the real her!

Ashley chooses William to go on a coveted one-on-one date in Vegas. Plus 4 for the good choice by the producers. He seems like a good pick.

Their awesome dating adventure? Cake tasting, ring shopping, then wedded bliss! Sort of. Minus 3 because it's getting a little uncomfortable.

"To me, it's a joke, it's not going to happen," he insists as a minister arrives to perform the ceremony. Good call, Will. Very astute. Plus 5.

Seriously, Bachelorette. Faux elopements? Minus 2.

In very cheesy fashion, Ashley stops just short of saying "I do," though she admits to falling for the charming salesman already. Plus 4.

After ending up in the middle of the Bellagio fountains, some serious talk about family and a rose ensue. "My heart is soaring higher than the fountains here," Will professes, proving he's as cheesy as The Bachelorette itself. Plus 7.

Ashley and William

Back at the mansion, 12 guys are selected and flown out to join Ashley in Vegas, where they battle it out in two teams with dance crew the JabbaWockeeZ. Minus 5 for the overall lameness and for us having to look up that spelling.

The rejected six fly back to L.A. after losing. Plus 2.

West Lee opens up about his deceased wife. Do we think he's opening up the whole way, or that he'll be given a chance to? Wash, because there's more to it.

Jeff, a.k.a. The Guy With the Mask, reveals a brain hemorrhage in his past. See? There's so much beneath the surface when you get to know someone! Plus 3.

Bentley Williams is this season's Wes. Even after acting distant and admitting to the cameras that Ashley isn't his type ... she begs him to stay! Minus 9, for the obvious efforts to edit him poorly and for nice girls loving bad boys.

Ashley Hebert does have an amazing butt and rockin' legs, though, among other desirable attributes. At least he admitted that. Plus 7.

Mickey earns the second one-on-one date and later a rose. But the real reward? An impromptu Colbie Caillat concert!! Minus 6 because he seemed to show emotion regarding Colbie than the fact that Ashley flipped a coin to keep him.

Jeff was about to become UNMASKED until Matt ruined the moment. Batman will remain a mystery for another week ... you can't rush greatness. Plus 5.

Stephen and Ryan get the boot. We barely got to know them. Matt receives the heave-ho as well, cutting the field to 15. Plus 3 for the solid selections.

Phone calls to mom Matt could have waited until the cameras were off to make: "It's 4 a.m. in L.A., and your son's not getting married .... I'm coming home and I need you to pick me up from the airport and ... cook me French toast." Minus 5.


ROSE RECIPIENTS: Ben Castoriano, Chris Drish, Ryan “Mickey” McLean, Bentley Williams, Blake Julian, Ben Flajnik, Nick Peterson, William “Will” Holman, West Lee, Lucas Daniels, Constantine “Dino” Tzortzis, Ryan Park, Ames Brown, Jeff Medolla and JP Rosenbaum.

OUT: Matt Colombo, Stephen D’Amico, and Ryan Miller.

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