Kendall Jenner on Birth Control: Right or Wrong?

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Kendall Jenner is 15 years old and on birth control.

This fact was confirmed by Khloe Kardashian earlier in the week, as she sat with E! News and previewed the upcoming, sixth season of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

"She is on birth control," Khloe said of her sister. "But  I don't want it to be bad... Because it's not that reason why she's on birth control."

Kendall J.

In other words: Kendall may not be sexually active. Various types of pills also regulate one's menstrual cycle and/or assist with acne.

Of course, many people out there might still take issue with a 15-year old on birth control for any reason. Especially a certain, former Vice Presidential candidate. Are you among them? What do you think of Kendall on birth control?



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