John Edwards Forced to Testify About Rielle Hunter Sex Tape

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Looks like John Edwards will be forced to kiss and tell. Under oath.

The disgraced former presidential candidate must testify in court about his infamous affair with Rielle Hunter, a North Carolina judge determined.

The testimony is part of a lawsuit filed by Hunter against Edwards' ex-aide, Andrew Young, regarding the sex tape she allegedly made with John.

Rielle Hunter and Quinn

Short story: Hunter wants the John Edwards sex tape back, while Young claimed that he found the tape in his home, therefore it's his now, lady.

Hunter lived with Young and his family to conceal Edwards cheating on his wife and getting Rielle pregnant while RUNNING FOR U.S. PRESIDENT.

Sorry, the absurdity of this story will likely never wear off.

While some of the deposition will be kept confidential, portions of the transcript will be made public in what is guaranteed to bring back a sensationalized chapter that brought Edwards' political career to a stunning, salacious close.

Edwards was a strong contender for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, before finishing third behind Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. 

In mid-2008, the National Enquirer broke the story of his affair with Hunter, a videographer for his campaign, which he adamantly denied at first.

The Enquirer busted him visiting Rielle and their child, however, and he was forced to admit cheating on his wife (and later paternity of the baby).

All the while his longtime wife was battling breast cancer, from which she died in 2010. Elizabeth Edwards divorced him before she passed away.

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