Gary Shirley: Arrested!

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Teen Mom star Gary Shirley was arrested this morning. Incredibly, a fight with Amber Portwood wasn't the reason ... although they were having one at the time!

According to the police report, Shirley was arrested in Alexandria, Ind., at 1:34 a.m. on a Class A misdemeanor charge of driving with a suspended license.

“I observed a Silver Dodge stopped on the south side of Berry street. I could hear a female arguing with a male inside the vehicle ..." the report reads.

Gary Shirley Mug Shot

Gary Shirley had his picture taken earlier this morning.

Gary's booking photo instantly becomes one of the bigger celebrity mug shots in our gallery. And just so you know, we don't mean bigger as in the size of the .jpg file or severity of the criminal charges against him.

Apparently Gary's wooing of Amber with sexy texts didn't last.

“I asked the male sitting in the driver seat if everything was okay and he advised yes. The female also advised that everything was fine," the officer writes.

"I advised them that I had heard them arguing and wanted to make sure everything was okay. I asked the both for identification. The male introduced himself and the female as Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood from Teen Mom.”

Soon after, the officer learned Gary Shirley's license had expired. He was arrested and later released from the Madison County Jail on $3,000 bond.

Finally, this footnote:

“I placed Mr. Shirley in two (2) sets of handcuffs due to his size. Both sets of handcuffs were checked for tightness and doubled locked,” the report notes.

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