Amber Portwood: Wooed By Sexy Gary Shirley Texts!

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Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood used to be engaged. No longer.

The big daddy has engaged his baby mama in a series of flirty, sexy text messages, however, prompting speculation that it might not be over yet!

Gary kicked off the online flirting with a Tweet last week at Amber, writing, "I love you so much. I miss u too. See you tomorrow beautiful girl.”

Amber, Gary, Leah Pic

He followed that with “I support you any day.” Later, a private response spurred Gary to Tweet, “your text is cracking me up your [sic] too cute.”

Amber Portwood appears just as much into it, Tweeting, “Awe babe love you too and I had a blast at Peppers it was great being w friends.”

Then Monday, Gary continued the lovefest: “miss u baby wish u were here with me I’d hold u all night. Ps I’m kissing u thru this tweet. Muaw.”

We think that's a kiss. Which is kind of gross. Get a room you two!

Not to mention he let everyone know he was with Amber, writing, “@aprtwd Next to me half naked. Wearing my shirt. #22′s #HarryBoswald.”

No idea who Harry Boswald is or whether there was a three-way involved, but we can say two things for certain after reading this exchange:

  • Their next epic meltdown is looming imminently.
  • Chelsea Handler hates them both hard core.
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