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Jackie Rozo, the 27-year-old daughter of Arnold Schwarzengger’s secret baby mama Mildred “Patty” Baena, is breaking her silence about the love child scandal.

Rozo’s reason for speaking out? To decry how RACIST everyone is!

The ONLY reason people care about Patty Baena, she claims, is because Arnold was in an interracial affair. We can think of a handful of other reasons …

“It’s just a big thing because she’s Hispanic, and he’s a celebrity,” Rozo says.

And because he’s been married to Maria Shriver for the past 25 years. And employed Baena for the past 20 years. And kept this secret the past 14 years. And has four legitimate kids. And was the GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA.

Either way, it’s still all news to her.

Like the guy who thought he was the dad, Jackie claims she had “no idea” that her half-brother was fathered by Arnold until the news broke last week.

But now, Jackie’s coming to her mom’s defense – adding, “She’s like a superwoman pretty much” … “My mother does not need to justify herself.”

Perhaps … but neither do people for being flat-out amazed by it. Nor does it make one racist to expect better from an elected official. Just saying.