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Lost amid the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child scandal is the fact that his wife, Maria Shriver, wasn’t the only person who got cheated on.

Rogelia Baena, the ex-husband of Arnold’s mistress Patty Baena, has just commented publicly on the scandal for the very first time, telling Entertainment Tonight that he thought the child his wife actually had with Schwarzenegger was his.

Until Maria outed them last week, that is!

Rogelia Baena is listed as the father on the boy’s birth certificate, and was “very, very angry” when he found out about the child’s true parentage from his sister.

“No believe,” he replied in broken English when asked how he felt.

“But that is my son,” he insisted, adding that, although he hasn’t spoken to the boy since last year, he doesn’t think the 13-year-old knows what’s up yet.

“Nobody” knows where Mildred Patricia Baena is, either, he said.

Patty filed for divorce in 2008, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split and – in a bit of foreshadowing – noted that they had no children.

“Arnold Schwarzenegger is, for me… was my hero,” Rogelia said of the man who fathered the child he thought was his since the ’90s. “I feel betrayed.”

“I was happy that day,” Baena said, via an interpreter. He said if he could speak with the boy right now, he would say, “I am your father. That’s all.”

Unfortunately, a DNA test confirms he’s not.

Rogelia Baena Speaks on Love Child