Chelsea Handler on 50 Cent: We Dated, But ...

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Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent sure sparked lots of romantic rumors in recent months, given the time they spent together - time spent looking cozy at that.

Making the media rounds promoting her new book, the E! host is finally opening up on that odd relationship (and her current one with Andre Balazs).

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Regarding Fiddy, she confessed to Piers Morgan, "We dated, very casually."

"He's a very sweet, nice guy," she says of the rapper. "I was sampling, kind of, the atmosphere, seeing what was out there, and I was satiated."

Even though Handler continues to rave about 50 Cent, calling him "the complete antithesis of what you'd imagine," Chelsea admits he had his faults.

"I don't really like when men buy me ridiculous gifts, especially when I don't know them well," Handler says, explaining how 50 overtly tried to woo her.

Saying she ended up nixing his expensive gestures, "I can buy my own gifts. I really don't like gifts from rappers in general, since I'm not a hooker."

So Handler and 50 Cent went their separate ways. She is now dating hotelier Andre Balazs, who recently hosted the launch party for her latest book.

Lies Chelsea Handler Told Me is available for sale, and with it, the Handler is making herself more available for interviews and delving into details.

Speaking of boyfriends past and present, Handler said at her book's launch party that she once played a "really terrible" prank on a former flame.

"I did take my ex-boyfriend to a fake dog funeral after I faked killing him, just because I thought it was funny," Handler confesses.

"And the dog didn't die then, but he did die, actually, shortly after. But it had nothing to do with the foie gras that I served him."

She's a character, that's for sure. As 50 put it, you may or may not want to jump over the table and smash that, but she's a cool chick.

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