Brad Womack & Emily Maynard: The Final Goodbye?

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No one knows if Brad Womack and Emily Maynard are still together.

Well, presumably the two of them do, and perhaps little Ricki does.

But as far as celebrity gossip reports go, there's no telling what's legit and what's not. Rumors of trouble in paradise surfaced 3-4 weeks ago.

As recently as last Monday, however, conflicting reports suggested that the couple had reunited and that it felt so good. Now we get this ...

Brad's Heartbreak

BACHELOR HEARTBREAK: Is it over? For good this time?

On April 29, according to Life & Style, Brad Womack and Emily Maynard met in Texas. They seemed awkward, uncomfortable and distant at the Oasis in Lake Travis.

In between dining out, they spent much of the weekend holed up in Brad's apartment, and not for the usual fun reasons a couple stays holed up in an apartment.

Life & Style says that Emily called Brad just weeks earlier to tell him it was over. Brad was left stunned and flew Emily down in hopes of changing her mind.

"It's not fair. Emily isn't the woman she acted like on The Bachelor," says Brad's mom Pamela, supposedly, to a friend. "Pamela thinks Emily's too young."

After an intense three days together, Brad took Emily to the airport, where they shared a final hug goodbye before she headed back to Charlotte, N.C.

That's that. Theoretically. They may get back together any second for all we know.

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