The Real Housewives of NYC Season Premiere Recap: The Glitz, Glamor and Snark Return!

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The Real Housewives of New York City are back and time away has done nothing to heal old wounds. Perhaps if these ladies retracted their claws, it might slow the bloodshed. But then again, what fun would that be?

Bethenny Frankel has jumped ship to start her own reality series but Jill Zarin is still smarting from the loss of the friendship.

In true Jill fashion, she lays all of the blame at Bethenny's door, stating that her former friend is just one of the those women who no longer has a need for her girlfriends as soon as she finds a husband.

Ah, Jill. Nice way to take your share of the responsibility for the breakup.

Jill Zarin Cries

Jill's losing friends fast. Alex and Jill just can't stay away from one another and Ramona keeps fueling that fire. Seems that Jill's good friend is enjoying throwing arch nemesis Alex in her path every chance she gets. 

The new and improved Alex says her goal is to voice her opinions but it looks more like she's gunning for a fight. There's speaking your mind and then there's just being bitchy. I'm not sure Alex knows the difference yet.

Speaking of bitchy, Alex's little scene with Jill at the wedding certainly showed her spiteful side. Although Jill's explanation about being on an "honorary committee" sounded patently absurd.

Apparently it's a committee for people who care enough to lend their name but not quite enough to actually show up for the event.

How does Jill retaliate against Alex and Ramona? By dissing their wardrobe choices with other wedding guests. You've got to love pseudo high society.

The new girl, Cindy Barshop, is a successful entrepreneur and single mom to twins. Those babies were downright adorable and I love the matching Burberry outfits.

The art gallery fundraiser was just plain funny. Who decided that it was a good idea for all of the guests to take off their shoes and walk through paint. As Cindy pointed out, "There's like $100,000 in shoes here."  Her estimate probably wasn't far off.

Taking Some Shots

How nice of Jill to notice that Cindy was feeling uncomfortable by her questions. Ya think? Hi, I'm Jill. I know we've just met but let me ask you all kinds of personal questions about your love life and fertility issues, and in a public forum no less. Oye.

And what was up with Simon's outfit? A plaid jacket and striped leather pants. Honestly, I wouldn't be seen with my husband if he dressed like that. 

Does anyone else want to break it to Alex that her modeling gig is about her celebrity, not her looks? And was I the only one who found Simon leering at the pictures of Alex on the computer a little creepy? 

Sonja and LuAnn's double date was simply boring. Brian was sort of cute but I wouldn't mind if I never saw Jacques again. Then again, I'll watch Jacques every week if I can avoiding hearing LuAnn sing this season.

We barely caught a glimpse of Kelly but it looks like nothing has changed.

The problem isn't hers, it's everyone else's. I'll miss her fights with Bethenny but I'm sure she'll find another target the next time she falls off the deep end. However she did deliver one of the best lines of the night when she talked about inviting Alex and Simon to the fundraiser. "I know that they'll come to the opening of an envelope." Too true.

Here we go with season four of all the glitz, glam and snark. Are you ready?

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