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Kelsey Grammer just launched a reality TV production company. Really, he did.

Several networks are already interested in his first show, too – one centered around three single girls living in NYC who started the site ThatsNotOkayNY (dot) com. A promotional tape has been filmed and is generating interest.

No deals have been signed yet, but one could be close.

Nilsa Prowant Spring Break

No, Kelsey and Kayte Walsh aren’t starring on a reality show. Yet.

Kelsey teamed up with executive producers Stella Stolper and Brian Sher, the forces behind T.I.’s reality show on MTV, to form the company, G3 Productions.

No idea what 3 stands for. His number of previous wives? Number of failed shows he’s been on since Frasier? Number of people who care about this story?

Difficult to tell.