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The L.A. County District Attorney wants the judge in the Michael Jackson case to ensure that irrelevant character attacks on the late music icon are inadmissible.

As we know, Dr. Conrad Murray’s defense team is throwing everything it can against the wall in hopes that something sticks that will create reasonable doubt.

It’s a fine line. His theory that Michael Jackson killed himself with a lethal dose of Propofol is at least rooted in events that may have happened June 25, 2009.

Making Jackson look like an out-of-control whack job, however?

Best Dancer Ever?
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The D.A. wants non-pertinent assertions and accounts of Michael’s behavior left out of the case. Specifically, evidence involving Michael and the Nation of Islam.

D.A. Steve Cooley says: “Evidence concerning the Nation of Islam is irrelevant [and] does not relate to the defendant’s participation in Michael Jackson’s death.”

Cooley’s move is a preemptive strike to keep the defense from trying to make Michael Jackson look like a weirdo and an unsympathetic character in general.

Connecting MJ to the N.O.I. would make him very unsympathetic with a jury, not to mention the can of worms it would open regarding his eccentric life.

Cooley also wants to prevent the defense attacking MJ’s bodyguard Alberto Alvarez who claims he was ordered by Dr. Murray to hide evidence of Propofol.

Alvarez was convicted of a misdemeanor 11 years ago – irrelevant, the D.A. says.

Of course, there are plenty of character questions to be raised about Murray, only they may actually pertain to the case (see testimony by Michelle Bella).